Welcome to the Village of St. Anne,
190 W. Station Street, St. Anne, IL 60964
Phone: 815-427-6783, Water Dept: 815-427-8177
Home of the 2008 Class A High School State Basketball Champions


Delinquent Utility Bill Notice
The Village of St. Anne is aggressively pursuing anyone who is delinquent on their utility bill.  Your Utility bill consists of three things, Water, Sewer and Garbage Pickup.  Shut off notices are going out to anyone who owes the Village money.  If you receive a notice you will have to pay your balance in full within 10 days or your water will be shut off.  If your water is shut off the house or apartment will be uninhabitable and you will have to move out until the water is turned back on.   Plus, there will be a reconnection fee of $75.00 to turn the water back on.  To make your past due payments, please call the Village of St Anne at 815-427-6783.  The Village will accept Cash, Check or Credit Card payments
Landlords, you will be responsible for any unpaid Utility bill that is owed to the Village by your renters.   If you are concerned about any of your tenants, please call the Village.    

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29th Annual St. Anne Pumpkin Festival

Cutest Pet Entry Form

Parade Information
Entry Form

29th Annual St. Anne Pumpkin Festival Parade
Tammy Thomas Parade Chairperson 815-549-3406
Email: StAnneFestParade@Yahoo.com
Families and individuals are encouraged to participate
Date: Saturday September 23, 2017 at 2:30 pm
Lineup: Behind St Anne High School
Lineup Times: 12:00-1:30 Floats,Fire Trucks, Antique Vehicles
1:00-1:30 Bands, Horses and Dogs Must be on a leach
1:45 Walkers and Bikes
With the support of the local businesses and private donations the following
prizes will be awarded.
$100.00 Grand Prize for float with the highest overall score. Certificates will be awarded to 1st place in each category.
Yearly Pumpkin Fest theme must be followed for all float prizes.
Festival information can be found at
Notice: No throwing items from the entries!
Because of the danger to small children attempting to retrieve small items they
must be handed out along the parade route.
In case of rain listen to Kankakee radio stations for schedule changes or
cancellations. Announcements will be made by noon Saturday.
We would like the entry forms returned by September 21, 2017
Please keep this information and return only the entry form.
Sincerely hoping to hear from you,
Tammy Thomas


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